Our Story 


Currence™ has been successfully providing revenue cycle management (RCM) services to physicians since 1982.

The company was founded when RCM services were mainly provided to hospital based physicians, i.e. radiologists, anesthesiologists, pathologists and emergency room physicians.

As healthcare regulations and billing requirements have gotten more complex over the past several years, RCM companies are playing a bigger role in the complete billing process for all kinds of practices, hospital based or office based.

Currence™ has been privileged to witness this complete metamorphosis and has consistently adapted to meet the challenges that continue today.

The team at Currence™ is seasoned, experienced, professional, innovative and passionate about their commitment to their clients. 

We stand out among our competitors. We are more than a RCM company that is proficient at clicking the “Send Claim button”.

Our process is complete and ongoing. From the initial creation of the claim, our team is diligent in assuring accuracy during the complete process, following every claim diligently until it is adjudicated. The process does not stop here. We consistently monitor regulations, coding guidelines, accuracy of payments and communicate relevant information to our client. 

Currence has thrived as an independent company in a challenging and complex business environment for 35 years. Our partners rely on our team to help their practices grow. As a mission-driven, service-oriented company that values our customers, we deliver dedicated service that our clients can feel good about.