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collect 97 percent of your money efficiently by switching to Currence™

collect 97% of your medcurrency™ efficiently by switching to Currence™ Start Your own billing evaluation


Proficient with billing in thirty different practice management systems including eClinicalWorks.


Client has 24/7 access to their receivables, review our work at any time without our knowledge.


Currence™ is proactive, anticipates and reacts swiftly in all situations, it is like doing tomorrow’s work today.

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why Currence™

  • A very high client retention ratio
  • Decades of experience, reliable, dependable and trustworthy
  • Outsourcing makes your billing costs variable and not fixed
  • Willing to do the research to get it right
  • Currence™ has no debt, a financially stable company
  • Receivables are attended to everyday versus “when time permits”

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Proficient in billing following specialties: Otolaryngology, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Radiology and more...

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