Medical Specialties Billing Services & Experience



With over ten years experience in Otolaryngology billing, Currence is very confident it can bring value to any otolaryngology practice in improving their revenue. Currence has assisted to grow a practice by over 400% over a ten year period. Currence’s expertise in appeals, correct usage of modifiers and knowledge of billing regulations and local policies can enhance the business of any otolaryngology practice.


Our ability to manage crises helped us acquire our first pediatric practice. A very busy practice was sent a facsimile by their billing employee of twenty-five years that she was resigning immediately. The practice was desperate and called Currence. Our team went in and over a period of three months was able to stabilize the practice revenue, collect the old receivables and ensure current charges were being submitted in a timely manner. Today, the practice is thriving and realizes how much of revenue they had lost due to “shabby” billing by their in-house staff. 


In order for an internal medicine practice to stay independent and not be acquired by a large institution or hospital system is dependent upon the efficiency of their revenue cycle. A profitable practice with a strong business partner managing the revenue cycle component will not be a viable acquisition for any institution. Currence has been able to assist their internal medicine practices remain independent by efficiently generating the practice revenue and shielding the practice from any potential acquisition.


Our first client in 1982 was a hospital based radiology group. Currence has seen the evolution of radiology as a specialty and is well versed with all the nuances associated with radiology billing. Billing and collecting large volumes of claims with relative ease at a competitive price is our guarantee.


Currence is capable of billing any specialty and has experience in geriatric medicine, sleep laboratories, physical medicine and rehabilitation, orthopaedics, EMT services, cardiology, dermatology, pathology, clinical laboratories and audiology.


Currence is capable of billing any specialty and can often replace or supplement high-cost or high turnover employee positions including office managers and collections personnel.  We provide full service outsourced practice monitoring and accounting.  Read More >>